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Parish Magazine - Church 1914

Lemsford News March 1913

This Timeline shows what was happening in the village by using extracts from the Bishop's Hatfield Parish Magazine 1914 – 1919 held by Welwyn Garden Library at the Campus. To read the full account please look at our folder ‘Bishop's Hatfield Parish Magazine 1908 – 1921’

Holy Week and Easter Day – It is hoped that a representative of the Church Army will visit Lemsford during Holy Week, and hold Mission services in the Schools every evening, with a Lantern Lecture on Good Friday evening. If this plan is carried out, details and the hours of service will be announced in Church. Let us all try and keep Good Friday well. It is not a day for taking our pleasure but rather of self-denial. The day on which we must remember the central fact of our religion, the death of Jesus Christ upon the Cross, ought to be a most sacred day to all who are trying to serve God. Then speaking of the Cross makes us think of the Holy Communion. Christ himself gave us this service as the remembrance of his death. It is of course more than a remembrance. If we go to it in humble faith, it is a tremendous help for leading a better life, such as we all want. Come then to the Communion on Easter Day – and let it be the


Lemsford News April 1913


Church Army Van – During Holy Week the Parish was visited by the Church Army Van in charge of Captain Cowland. On Palm Sunday afternoon, Captain Cowland held a special service for men, at which there was an excellent attendance. He preached in the evening to a full church. During the week a Mission Service was held every evening, and on Good Friday there was a Lantern Service in the Schools. We all hope we shall see and hear Captain Cowland again. Among the many excellent addresses he gave, the one which he delivered at the evening Communion Service on Maundy Thursday was perhaps the most striking; we trust it will be remembered by all who heard it. The very good attendance at the Easter Communion, the best on record, is evidence that Captain Cowland's teaching was not without result.

Lemsford News May 1914


Easter – The Church looked more than usually beautiful this Easter thanks to the efforts of those who kindly helped in the work of decoration. Five services were held on Easter day, and the number of communicants was over a hundred. Never scarcely have Good Friday and Easter Day come home to our hearts with such force as this year, with their comforting message, “that God can and did die, and that man can and will live for ever.”


Obituary – We regret to announce the death of Mrs Oughton of Handside, which took place with such painful suddenness shortly after Easter. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her husband and to all her family


Lemsford News August 1914


Choir Outing – This year Littlehampton was chosen for the annual outing of the Choir and Sunday School Teachers, which took place on Monday July 27th. The party left Hatfield soon after 7, crossed London by bus, and got down to Littlehampton well before 11. The magnificent Castle of Arundel, which was passed on the way down, excited much interest. The fine stretch of sand at Littlehampton was much appreciated by the children; and excursion by motor boat up the river Avon was part of the afternoon's programme. Hatfield was reached on the return journey at half-past ten. We are all delighted to have the company of Mrs William Horn on the expedition and we are most grateful for her kind help.

 7 days later.
 August 4The United Kingdom declares war on
Germany, after Germany invades Belgium.



During the Vicar's absence the duty was taken by the Rev. Eustace Mavergal, Vicar of Middlezoy in Somerset. Everyone speaks most warmly of him, and we are very grateful to him for his services. On Sunday, July 19th, we were privileged to hear a sermon in the morning from the Rev. Canon H. Darwin Barton, formerly Vicar of St. Saviour's, St. Albans. and now of Christchurch, New Zealand. It was very kind of Canon Barton, in the middle of his holiday. to find time to pay us a visit.


Lemsford parish in the Great War

97 men and 1 woman went to war

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Memories and Letters

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Lest we Forget

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