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Parish Magazine - Social 1917

Lemsford News January 1917


Lantern Lecture – A very interesting Lantern Lecture, entitled “The Great War and the Little Waifs,” was given in the Schools on Monday December 6th, by Miss Sydney Pinchard. Most of the Associates and Members of the Children's Union were present and also a good gathering of friends. After the lecture, the Earl Roberts collecting boxes were opened. The sum taken amounted to £2 16s. 0d. This was sent to the Home at Pyrford to help towards making new workshops for crippled boys, and 10/-, as a result of a collection at the close, was sent to the General Fund.



Children's Tea – On Wednesday, Decembers 22nd, Lady Mount Stephen gave her annual tea to the children attending Lemsford School, and gave away the gifts of clothing. Afterwards the children gave a short entertainment.


Christmas Parcels for the Boys at the Front – As announced last month, the subscriptions for the school prizes would this year be devoted to parcels for our old boys, the present scholars took up the cause with great zest. On Thursday, 9th December, 27 boxes and the necessary contents were taken into school, and the children were very busy packing the individual contents into the several boxes. These consisted of sweets, chocolates, tobacco, cigarettes, cocoa, soap, candles, apples, oranges, cakes, magazines or papers, and a sprig of holly. Then the boxes were tied and afterwards sewn up in canvas. On Tuesday, December 21st, our first reply came. To show how the boys appreciated the contents I have quoted an extract from on of the letters received. “. . . Just a few lines to thank you and the children for the splendid parcel received on December, 15th, in excellent condition. Some of the contents are luxuries and some are just what we want for we cannot get anything here just behind the trenches, where we are now resting before going up again. It seems nice to think we are not forgotten and anything from home is always appreciated. “ Our thanks are due to the following ladies and gentlemen for kindly subscribing to our prize fund this year – Mrs Holdsworth, Colonel Fellows, Mrs Sear, Mr Horn. Ten letters have already been received full of grateful thanks.


Lemsford News February 1917


The Magazine – As the arrangements for delivering the Magazine are different in Mr Ward's absence, it would greatly help if subscribers would pay for each number as they get it, or if they prefer for six months, or a year, in advance..


National Egg Collection – Owing to the scarcity of eggs I have been unable to send any for the Hospitals for some months, but thanks to the kindness of Mrs Bell, and others, I have sent a little money to the Fund. I know how precious eggs are in these days, but if anyone can spare some, and would like to send them for the use of the wounded, I shall be pleased to receive them, and send them off. A.M. Holdsworth


Lemsford News March 1917


Smith's Charity – on Friday, January 26th, Smith's Charity, or the “Brocket Bread” as it is usually called was distributed in the Reading Room. The pile of loaves looked and smelt most appetising, and the quantity carried away by each recipient must have been a real Godsend to Mothers of large families in these bad times. The bread is provided by a charge left by a one time owner, on the Brocket Estate, to pay the Vicar and Churchwardens of Lemsford 30/- annually, for ever, to distribute in bread to the poor of the parish. As the parish grew, the sum was found too small to supply enough bread to go round, so it is held by the Trustee until a sufficient sum has accumulated to supply each poor parishioner with a certain quantity. Mr W Horn, who must have had considerable trouble in compiling the list, distributed the bread with assistance of Mrs & Miss Moore, Miss Horn and Mrs King.


Waifs and Strays Society – The members of the Children's Union gave an excellent entertainment in the Schools on Friday, the 9th, in aid of a Fund to buy materials for work to be done in anticipation of the usual summer sale. The children had been splendidly coached by Mr and Mrs Ladbury, and one and all acquitted themselves well, both in their action songs, recitations, and plays. Perhaps the “School Band” composed of novel musical instruments, and ably conducted, was the most popular item on the programme but all were good. Master Keith Ladbury was the accompanist for most of the songs.


The Magazine – As the arrangements for delivering the Magazine are different in Mr Ward's absence, it would greatly help if subscribers would pay for each number as they get it, or if they prefer for six months, or a year, in advance.


Lemsford News May 1917


Communicants' Guild – On Maundy Thursday was initiated a Communicants' Guild, when fifteen members were enrolled. The conditions of membership will be a monthly Communion and attendance at a service of preparation. Further details will be arranged later. Mrs Moore will act as Secretary. Names of those wishing to join may be sent to her.


Lemsford News June 1917


Waifs and Strays, 1d a week Boxes – The Rev. W.F. Bottle, the Organising Secretary for this Diocese, is coming to preach at Lemsford a week earlier than usual. He will be here on June 10th. Will all those who took boxes from him last year kindly send them to Miss Holdsworth the first week in June, or if preferred, the boxes can be opened, and the contents sent.


Communicants' Guild – The first service in communion with the Communicants' Guild recently initiated, was held on Friday, May 4th, at 7.30 p,m, in preparation for the Communion Service on the Sunday following, which it was hoped all members would attend.


Potatoes – After considerable delay and it is to be feared, some disappointment, the seed potatoes obtained through the War Agriculture Committee arrived and were distributed last month. We have to thank Mr Horn and Mr A.F. Sherriff for so kindly arranging to have them carted from Hatfield, which saved the applicants some expense.


Lemsford News July 1917


Waifs and Strays – The Rev. W.F. Bottle was at Lemsford on Sunday, June 10th, and preached at each Service on behalf of the Society. The offertories for the day amounted to £8 15s. 6d. and the contents of the boxes, opened the previous week, to £11 5s. 10d. - a splendid result for the first year. There is still another box to come in, and several fresh ones were applied for. Miss Holdsworth will be glad to hear from anyone who would like to take a box for the Special War Fund.


Bazaar – We hope to hold a Bazaar for the Cripple's Branch of the Waifs and Strays, toward the end July. Particulars will be announced later.



Waifs and Strays -On August 2nd, the Bazaar will be held in the schools for Crippled Waifs and Strays. It is organised by Mrs Ladbury, and the members of the Lemsford
Branch of the Children's Union. It is hoped that all will try to make it a  great success.


Lemsford News September 1917


Flag Day – Flag Day for Lady Salisbury's Comfort Fund was held at Lemsford on Saturday, July 28th. The arrangements were made by Lady Mount Stephen, who had many willing helpers. House to house collections were made, and the Boy Scouts collected from passers by on the roads. Fortunately the day was lovely, and the collections and sale of flags and badges amounted to the satisfactory sum of £14 15s. 6d. Lady Mount Stephen has received an appreciative letter from Lady Salisbury, in which she asks her to thank all those who helped to make the day a success. The collectors were Misses F. Cottrell and M. Rosher (Lemsford), Misses Horn and A. Wilmot (Handside), Misses R. Moore and Lines (Stanborough), Misses Blackstone and L. Bunnage (Cromer Hyde), Miss G. Wren (Brocket), Miss Capon (Water End), Scouts H. Hale, A. Tomlin, W. Wilmot and J. Eagles. Mr Jenkinson (Chequers Inn) and Mrs Morris (Bull Inn) also had collecting boxes.


Sale of Work – Mrs Ladbury, the Associates and Members of the Lemsford Branch of the Children's Union are much to be congratulated on the success of the Sale, which took place on Thursday, August 2nd, for which they had been working for so long. The Sale was opened by Lady Mount Stephen at 3.30, after the singing of the C.U. Hymn by all present, and a few introductory words by the Rev. H. Moore. Very soon a brisk trade was being done, and the stalls soon presented a denuded appearance. There were numerous other attractions, such as Houp-la, a lucky fish pond, and a Rifle Range, and a War time tea was provided at 6d. a head. The total proceeds of the Sale amounted to £21 11s. 11d., and various sums have since been sent by kind friends who were prevented by the weather from coming. After deducting expenses £18 16s. 0d. has been sent to the Homes for Crippled Waifs and Strays. Mrs Ladbury wishes to take this opportunity of thanking all those who helped with contributions or in other ways. She has received a letter form Miss Rudolf, Secretary to the Children's Union, in which she says “ Will you please tell all your members how very grateful I am to them for all they have done in making such a good result.”


Lemsford News November 1917


“Our Day” - Lemsford was fortunate in having fixed Thursday, October 18th, for “Flag Day” in connection with “Our Day,” for the weather was lovely after two wet days. House to house collections were made, and the Flag Sellers were busy all morning in different parts of the village, and at Stanborough. As usual a most generous response was made the sum realised was £14 17s. 0d. An appeal was made for fruit and vegetables, and a splendid collection was brought to the Reading Room, everybody possessing a garden bringing a contribution, and most of the school-children. Lady Mount Stephen bought the vegetables etc., for the benefit of the Red Cross, and sent them to the Welwyn Depot for the Fleet, and the remainder to another Red Cross Sale. The Sale amounted to £7 16s. 2d. bringing the total for the day to £22 13s. 2d. Lady Mount Stephen and Mrs W. Horn, who were responsible for all arrangements, and the collectors are to be congratulated on such a good result. On Sunday, the 21st, the offertories for the day at the Church were given for the same good object, and amounted to over £21.The collections made at the Chapel on Sunday 21st, and sent by Mr Walby, amounted to £1 0s.0d.


Red Cross Working Party – The Red Cross Working Party which was recently started and meets once a fortnight, has just sent the following consignment to the Hatfield Depot, consisting of 16 shirts, 5 pairs pyjamas, 3 pairs socks, 1 bed jacket, and sundry small articles – rubbers, hot water bottle covers etc.


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