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Parish Magazine - Social 1918

Lemsford News January 1918


Greetings – I should like to send through the Magazine a Message of good wishes to the people of Lemsford for Christmas and the New Year; We hoped to have had peace through victory by now, but God has willed it otherwise. We know his Will is best, and the dark cloud of war is still around us. We must remember that Christmas is essentially the Children's festival. Let us make it as happy as we can for them, and we will be happy in ourselves in so doing. Don't doubt that the brave men who have given their lives for their Country will receive a hearty welcome from Him who died for men. You have made great sacrifice in the past year; I am sure you will have strength to bear the strain in the months to come.


Christmas Gifts – On Wednesday, December 19th, Lady Mount Stephen, visited the Schools and distributed her usual and welcome gifts to the children: a dress length of warm material with lining to each girl and a jersey to each of the boys. After the distribution of the gifts Mr Moore addressed the children, and led them in giving three hearty cheers for Lady Mount Stephen. This year, the tea usually given by Lady Mount Stephen to the children, was given up on account of the Food Controller's appeal, and the necessity for avoiding any unnecessary consumption of food, a necessity all must recognise. Lemsford children have shown a ready and willing spirit of self sacrifice in giving up their school prizes in order that the money thus saved, may be spent in sending Christmas parcels to the Lemsford men at the various
Fronts. We hope, before another Christmas comes round, that we may have the men once more safely around us. They were certainly not absent from our thoughts this year.

Lemsford News February 1918


Whist Drive – On Monday, January 14th, a very successful Whist Drive was held in the Reading Room in aid of the County Red Cross. Seventy-five people were present and play was kept until 10.30. Mr Ladbury acted as M.C. Owing to the generosity of friends in giving the prizes, their time, and helping with the light refreshments, expenses were small, and the sum of £5 12s. 6d. was handed in to Lady Mount Stephen. The prize winners were: 1st, Mr W. Adams and Mrs Cliffe; 2nd, Mr Goddard and Miss Munt. Booby prizes to Mr T. Holwell and Miss Oliver; Hidden number prizes, Mrs Kemp and R. Cochrane. After the presentation of the prizes Mr Adams generously put up for auction his prize and it was sold for 7/6, which sum was added to the funds.


The Magazine – Miss Lines wishes it to be known that she has paid in, and has received a receipt for the sum of £2 12s. 0d. paid in Lemsford for the Parish Magazine.

Lemsford News April 1918


Whist Drive – Another successful Whist Drive was held in the Reading Room on March 11th, organised as before, by Mrs Moore and a small Committee. A good number were present, and the prizes were won by the following: 1st., Miss C. Clarke and Mr Dear, 2nd, Miss Crystal and Mr Goddard, Booby Mrs Childs and Mr R. Cochrane. Mr Ladbury acted as M.C. Owing to the prizes being given, and the generous gifts of milk and money towards the refreshments, and labour free of charge for the arrangement of the room, the expenses were very little and the proceeds amounted to £5 14s. 9d., which was sent to the Sec. of the Lord Roberts Fund.


Lemsford News May 1918


Presentation – On Friday, April 5th, a pleasing little ceremony took place at the schools, when a presentation was made to Mrs Moore on behalf of the “Women of Lemsford” as a token of their esteem and appreciation of her many kindnesses during her stay in Lemsford., A good number of subscribers were present, and a book containing the names of all, was handed to Mrs Moore with a plated kettle and stand, which, at her request, was the present chosen.

My dear friends,

As I was unable before leaving Lemsford, to thank you all personally for the lovely present you so kindly gave me, I am now writing to say how very deeply I have appreciated your kindness and the beautiful kettle will be a daily reminder of you all. I thank you heartily for it. Yours very sincerely

Alice Moore.


Lemsford News July 1918


Red Cross Working Party – The garments made by the members of the Working Party during the last three months were sent to the depot at Hatfield on June 7th. One hundred articles were sent in all, which included, 18 shirts, 19 vests, 34 pairs of socks, 12 pairs operation stockings, 8 pairs bed socks, bandages, hot water bottle covers, etc.


Jumble Sale – We are hoping to hold a Jumble Sale in the Schools on Saturday, 27th July, in aid of the Cripple's Branch of the Waifs and Strays Society and the Church Army Huts. Articles of every description will be acceptable and may be called for, or left at the Schools, two days before the Sale. Please remember the cause and lend a helping hand.


Lemsford News June 1918


Waifs and Strays SocietyAs Mr Buttle, the Diocesan organising Sec., is unable to come to Lemsford this year, the Rev. Philip Deedes of St. Albans, has kindly consented to come and preach on behalf of the Society on July 14th. Will all those who have the 1/- a week collecting boxes bring, or send them to Miss Holdsworth before the end of June? They will be re-labelled in the Church the day that Mr Deedes comes, It is hoped that all who have had boxes will continue to collect and that some fresh boxes may be asked for, as they are for the special War Fund to help the orphans and motherless children of soldiers and of others who have suffered on account of the war.


Herts Flag Day – The Flag Day on behalf of Lady Salisbury's Comfort Fund for Herts Soldiers. was most fortunately fixed for Whit Monday which was a perfect summer day, and although some of the indefatigable flag sellers must have found it rather hot work, they must have been very pleased with the result of their exertions. Lemsford people, as usual, contributed most nobly, and everybody did their best to make the day a success. All arrangements were made by Mrs W. Horn, who was assisted by Miss Horn and those who acted as flag sellers were - Miss Lines, the Misses Wilmot (Lemsford), Miss Wallis (Brocket House etc.), Miss Clarke (Stanborough), the Misses Bunnage (Cromer Hyde), Miss Capon (Water End), Miss A. Wilmot (Handside), and Messrs M. Rosher, J. Smith, N. Oughton, and D. Lines way laid passers by on the North Road with good results. Lady Mount Stephen also assisted in collecting and received the boxes in the Schools in the afternoon. The total amount collected, and from the sale of flags, badges, handkerchiefs and pencils, was £12 19s. 1d. On Whit Sunday the offertories at all the services were given to the Red Cross Society, Hertfordshire Branch, and amounted to £19 9s. 5d.


Eggs for the Wounded – I should like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who so generously sent eggs in response to the appeal sent out. I know that in many cases the gift of eggs has meant real self sacrifice in these days of shortage. The result of our collection exceeded all anticipation, over 200 eggs having been sent to the schools, or direct to me. I should like also to thank the children who wrote out, and delivered the appeal and collected the eggs. In London and other places, a Flag Day was held for the National Egg Collection on the 27th, but it followed too closely on Red Cross Day, so it was suggested that the collection of eggs should be made here instead. Enormous quantities of eggs are require for Hospitals, both at home, and in France, and they have been increasingly difficult to procure. A.M. Holdsworth


Lemsford News August 1918


Waifs and Strays – The amount collected in the 1d a week boxes which were opened at the end of June, was £12 5s. 6d., for which most grateful thanks were returned by the Secretary, who thought it a splendid result. On July 14th, when sermons on behalf of the Society were preached by the Rev. P. Deedes, the offertories amounted to £10 5s. 7d.


A Jumble Sale – was held in the Schools on Saturday, July 27th. The Associates of the Children's Union Branch of the Waifs and Strays worked most energetically in collecting material and then disposing of it at the sale. Th total proceeds, including subscriptions, amounted to £13 5s. 1d.; of this £6. was sent toward the Y.M.C.A. Huts and the remainder will be used for forthcoming materials for the winter classes in connection with the Children's Union. We are hoping to hold in the winter, another Jumble sale; but this time of toys, and others children's treasures, for the sake of the children. Will those parents who have any to dispose of, kindly keep them for us, so that we may have a stall for them. Never mind how broken or dilapidated, no doubt they can be mended.


Lemsford News October 1918


Red Cross Working Party – Fifty-one garments were sent to the Depot. at the end of August, made by the Lemsford Working Party. This makes one hundred and fifty-one articles during the last six months, a very creditable number as the meetings were only held once a fortnight, but many of the members knit socks etc. at home.


The Magazine – It is hoped that the Editor's note at the end of the September number regarding the rise in price has been read. Will anyone who wishes to discontinue taking it in, give due notice?


Lemsford News December 1918


For Children Only – We hope to hold a Jumble Sale solely for the little ones, in the Schools, on Friday afternoon, December 20th. Will all kind friends help us in giving a little pleasure to the young folk and please save any toys, (broken or otherwise), books, fancy boxes, pocket knives, trinkets or any little treasures, such as will delight boys and girls, and send them to the Schools, not later than Wednesday, December 18th?


To the Mothers – Miss Horn wishes to take this opportunity of letting the Mothers of Lemsford know how deeply touched she was at the evident affection they felt for her Mother as shown by the way in which Mothers from every part of the parish, from Cromer Hyde to Handside, subscribed to the beautiful wreath. Miss Horn feels a gratitude for the kindly feeling shown by all that is more than she is able to express.


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