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Parish Magazine - Church 1917

Lemsford News February 1917

During my absence the duty will be taken by the Rev. H.K. Moore. Mr Moore will be in charge of the parish, and all matters usually referred to me, must be referred to him. I want to say once more how sorry I am not to have been able to get around to say goodbye to everyone. The weeks I had put aside for the purpose got filled up with other things. Mr William Horn of Brickwall has kindly taken over the Parish Accounts, and I wish to thank him and all others who are making themselves responsible for various matters while I am away. I trust that the Church people will rise to the occasion, and feel more than ever their duty in keeping all things connected with the church up to the mark. God bless and keep you all.  A.E. Ward

Further Letter from the Vicar. - I feel that I should like to write a few words to the people of Lemsford, more especially as I was unable to say good-bye to you all before I went away. The delivery of the Message of the National Mission was not over till the end of November, and that left little time for farewells. The bad weather, illness, and the temporary lack of a bicycle complicated matters still further. I hear from Lemsford pretty often, and try to keep in touch with it as much as I can. The churches are well attended here as far as I have seen. I have been to two parish Churches in the town as a member of the congregation, and found both full from end to end. The other Sunday I was at a church in Plymouth, which can seat over two thousand people. Every seat was taken, every available chair was taken too, and there were some who stood in the aisle through the whole service. It was, of course, a special occasion, but I am told this Church is nearly as full every Sunday evening. All this is vastly encouraging to those who like to see due honour paid to the Lord's Day and the Lord's House. You will be pleased to hear that your old neighbour, Lord William Cecil, now Bishop of Exeter, has already won the good will and affection of the people of Exeter and Plymouth. I ask you to remember him, and the work of the County of Devon in your prayers. Lent will have begun before I can write to you again. The vicar goes on the stress the importance of praying. I cannot close without a word of reference to one who has just passed away. Mrs Bruce Fellows, up to the last took the deepest interest in the people of the Village, and was always inquiring after her old friends, lamenting her inability to get among them as once she did. To say she was kindness itself is to say no more than the exact truth, and in thinking of her, one is irresistibly reminded of the great words: “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”: Our deepest sympathy goes out to Colonel Fellows, and the Rev. Reginald Fellows in their great loss.  A.E. Ward

Mrs Bruce Fellows - Lemsford has lost a good friend in Mrs Bruce Fellows, who, after an illness of some weeks, passed peacefully away early on New Year's morning. Although for some years she had been unable to visit them, she never forgot her Lemsford friends, and always asked after them; she was ever ready to give her kindly sympathy and help when any case requiring it was brought to her notice. She was laid to rest in Lemsford churchyard on Saturday, January 6th, when the service was taken by the Archdeacon of St. Albans and the Rev. G.F. Baxter. Many neighbours and old friends attended, among them Lord and Lady Salisbury and Lord Hugh Cecil. We feel sure that all in Lemsford would like to take this opportunity of expressing their sorrow, and their sympathy with Colonel Bruce Fellows in his loneliness.


Information re the absence of the Rev. Ward
By Barbara from The Times Feb 1917


'The Bishop of St Albans, with the concurrence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, has given permission to the Rev A E Ward, Vicar of Lemsford, formerly Curate of Hatfield, leave of absence from his parish to enable him to give assistance to Lord William Cecil, the new Bishop of Exeter, as domestic chaplain in the early days of his episcopate.'Rev Moore was Priest/Curate in Charge from at least Jan 1917 to Feb 1918 (from Baptisms


Lemsford News March 1917


Lent – The Week-day services during Lent will be 7 o'clock on Wednesday Evenings.


The Choir – W have several vacancies in the choir which must tend to lower the standard of the music to which we have been accustomed. It is a great pity that the services in God's House should not be musically rendered in a fitting manner. If any lady or gentleman with a knowledge of music would like to help, especially at Morning Service, I would be very pleased to hear from them either at the Schools, or after Evening Service.  W. Ladbury.


Lemsford News May 1917


Easter – On Easter Sunday, Holy Communion was celebrated at 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock and at noon. All the Services were well attended, but many familiar faces were missed in the congregation; there is no doubt that those who are far away were thought of by their friends. In spite of the dearth of flowers this year, a good supply was sent for the decoration of the Church, and it looked very nice. The following ladies kindly lent plants or sent flowers: Mrs Holdsworth, Mrs Moore, Mrs Sherriff, Mrs W. Horn, Miss Horn, Mrs Ladbury, Miss Lines, and Miss Welsh. Colonel Fellows as usual sent the white flowers for the altar.


Lemsford News June 1917


Obituary – Two other families in our parish are also mourning their dear ones. Mr & Mrs Flitney of Cromer Hyde, have lost their youngest daughter, Sarah, aged only 24 years. She died in Saint Bartholomew's Hospital, London where she had been undergoing treatment for some considerable time. Arthur Hill, son of Mr George Hill, died at Hill End on April 23rd. May God help with His comfort those who are in sorrow.

Lemsford News August 1917


Obituary – On Tuesday, 24th July, the funeral took place of Mrs Tuley of Cromer Hyde, who passed away on the 19th. after an illness of many weeks. In her we have lost one of our oldest parishioners, her long and useful life of 83 years has been spent in the house in which she was born, and in which she died. Her loss will be greatly felt by her husband, himself unable to leave his bed, and much sympathy is felt for him, and for his daughters, especially Mrs John Sear, who has been her mother's devoted nurse. We should like to add a word of sympathy for William Gardiner, who was brought up by Mrs Tuley; he is now in India with the R.H.A. We are sure he will feel his loss very keenly.


Lemsford News September 1917


Flower Service – On Sunday, July 29th, a Flower Service was held in the afternoon, instead of the usual Children's Service. The weather was most inclement, the rain coming down with almost tropical violence, but in spite of this there was a good congregation and quantities of beautiful flowers were brought. These were sent to the Children's Hospital in Great Ormond Street and were gratefully acknowledged by the Matron.


Lemsford News October 1917


Harvest Festival – The Harvest Festival Services were held on Sunday 23rd. The Church was most artistically decorated by the usual body of most willing helpers. Excellent sermons were preached both Morning and Evening, by the Rev. Philip Deedes of St. Albans, to large congregations. The collections which amounted to £55 were divided between the Herts Agricultural Benevolent Association and Dr. Barnardo's Homes.



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