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Parish Magazine - Church 1916


Lemsford News January 1916


Christmas – The weather on Christmas Day was terrific, and was only surpassed by that on Boxing Day. The Church was very prettily decorated, almost entirely with evergreens, few flowers being available. Our best thanks thanks are due to them who undertook the work of decoration. On the Sunday following there was a Carol Service in the evening, which was well attended.


Organist – Geoffrey E. Gartside has been appointed Organist at the Church in the absence of G.M. Panter, who has enlisted.

Lemsford News March 1916


The Bishop of St. Albans – will preside at the Morning Service on Sunday, March 19th. At his wish there will be a Celebration of Holy Communion after the Service, which it is hoped that as many as possible will attend. The Bishop also wishes to meet all Church workers, Churchwardens, Sidesman, Day and Sunday School Teachers, Members of the Choir, Church Cleaners etc. This will probably be in the afternoon, but due notice will be given.

Intercession – The Intercession Service will be held on Fridays at 4 p.m. until further notice. Owing to the Lighting Restrictions it will not be possible to hold our Week-night Services in Lent.


Sunday School Treat – The Sunday School Treat was held on February 5th, in the Schools, and was much enjoyed. Our best thanks to Mr & Mrs Ladbury and all the Teachers for the trouble they took to give the children so pleasant an evening.


Lemsford News May 1916


The Bishop of St. Albans - visited the Parish on March 19th, and preached at the Morning Service. A Celebration of the Holy Communion followed. In the afternoon the Bishop addressed a gathering of Church workers in the Schools. Both in the morning and in the afternoon the Bishop mentioned the National Mission which it is proposed to hold all over the country in October and November. I think perhaps, I ought to write a word about this - the writer goes on to do so.


On April 9th the Archdeacon of St. Albans (Ven. the Hon. K. Gibbs) preached in the morning to a large congregation, and gave us an excellent sermon. This was his first visit to Lemsford since he preached at a Harvest Festival some years ago.


Easter Day – was mostly fine, and the Church prettily decorated. Our best thanks to those who gave so much time and labour on the Saturday to make it so beautiful. All the Services were well attended. We went back, for the first time, to our our usual hour for the Evening Service, 6.30.


Obituary – We have to record the death of Walter Welch, which took place at Handside after a long illness of seven years. While offering all sympathy to his widow and family, we cannot help feeling most thankful that a peaceful death closed on so long a period of suffering and weakness.

Lemsford News February 1916


Special Intercession – On the first Sunday in the year, which was kept as a day of special Intercession, the offertory on behalf of the Serbian Refugees realised the very large sum of £68 6s. 10d.


Lemsford News June 1916


Vestry Meeting – The Vestry Meeting was held on May 4th. The Vicar appointed Mr W.C. Horn of Brickwall, to be his Warden for the ensuing year, and Mr Horn of Handside was re-elected People's Warden. Mr John Horn retired from the post of Sidesman, Mr White being elected instead. It was further decided that two sidesmen should retire every year, so that more members of the congregation should have a chance of serving.


Lemsford News September 1916


The Harvest Thanksgiving Service – has been provisionally fixed for the last Sunday in September, Sept. 24th.The preacher in the evening will be the Rev. T. Landulph Smith, Rector of All Saints, Hertford.


The Sexton - We greatly miss our sexton, Mr. John Sear, who has joined up. The services hardly seem to be the same without him. We take this opportunity in thanking those who have come forward to do his work – Mrs John Sear, Mr William Horn jun., Mrs Cotterell, and Mrs Hale


Lemsford News October 1916


The Harvest Thanksgiving Service was held on Sunday, September 24th. The church was very prettily decorated by a willing band of helpers, who deserve our best thanks for their efforts. In the evening Lord William Cecil, Rector of Hatfield, was the preacher.


A short Memorial Service was held on Wednesday September 20th, in memory of those men belonging to this parish and neighbourhood, who have fallen in the war - Thomas Cole, Herbert Freeman, James Halsey, Frank Mardles, Frederick Spriggs, James Strong, Cecil White, and Christopher Wren


Lemsford parish in the Great War

97 men and 1 woman went to war

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Lest we Forget

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