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Parish Magazine - Social 1919

Lemsford News February 1919


Whist Drive – A successful Whist Drive was held in the Reading Room on Monday, the 13th. when between sixty and seventy were present. Mrs W.C. Horn presented the prizes at the end of the evening, the winners being 1st, Mrs F. Scott and Mrs W. Saunders; 2nd, Miss Reeves and Mr F. Goodge; Hidden number, Miss C. Green and Mr Henson; Booby prizes, Miss E. Tritton and Mr F. Spriggs. Mr Ladbury, as usual, was an efficient M.C. The proceeds, after deducting expenses, amounted to £5 10s. 6d. which was sent to St. Dunstan's Hospital for Blinded Sailors and Soldiers. The thanks of those who spent an enjoyable evening are due to the Committee, who organised the Drive, and to all who kindly helped by sending money, milk, etc., towards the refreshments, by lending furniture, or giving their services for the arrangement of the room, thus greatly lessening the expenses.


School Treat – On Saturday, the 18th, a treat was given to the children attending Sunday school; it took the form of a tea, and a conjuring entertainment. Parents of the children were invited to the latter, which was much enjoyed by all


The Toy Sale – We wish to thank all those who kindly contributed to our Children's Toy Sale in December; the sum of £1 16s. 10d was taken. This was used to send a parcel consisting of cakes, oranges and games to the boys in the Waifs and Strays Home in Cambridge. We hope to make the sale an annual affair, so may we ask our friends if they will store up any little articles which might be of any use to us.


Lemsford News March 1919


School Entertainment – A charming and successful operetta entitled “The Enchanted Rose” was given by the school children on the evenings of February 13th and 14th, to crowded audiences. The three acts of the play were splendidly staged; the gorgeous costumes of the king, queen and princesses were shown to great advantage before the background of soldiers in brilliant uniforms, and the white robed chorus singers; while the dainty fairy queen with her train of sweet little fairies in white, adorned with red roses on their hair and wands, made a realistic fairy scene. The wicked fairy was a vividly picturesque figure in her red and black costumes and the court jester was admirably dressed in green and red to suit his part. Seldom ha a school entertainment so charmed its audiences, and the children are to be congratulated on the perfect rendering of solos and chorus. Not a hitch occurred during the intricate court dances of the chorus, the charming fairy steps of the baby elves, and the elaborate and eccentric antics of the jester. On each occasion the dances brought the house down and at the close of each act there were loud calls for the jester. Mr & Mrs Ladbury are to be heartily congratulated on the success of their work; the former for the training of the children and the latter for the making of the costumes, etc. Many thanks are due to Master Keith Ladbury for the able and sympathetic manner in which he accompanied the whole performance, and for the difficult and charmingly rendered solos he played during the intervals. Mr Harrison deserves our thanks for the part he took in the enjoyable duet with Master K. Ladbury and is to be congratulated on so apt a pupil.


Lemsford News April 1919


Whist Drive – A very successful Whist Drive was held in the Reading Room ion February 24th, the number present being seventy-two. The prizes were awarded as follows: lady's First, Miss Welch; Lady's Second, share by Mrs E.J. Scott and Miss Ladbury; Hidden Number, Miss Lines; Consolation prize, Miss F. Cottrell. Gentlemen's First, Mr L. Adams; Gentleman's Second, Mr A. Cowland; Hidden Number, Mr A. Pargeter; Consolation Prize, Mr R. Sear. Many thanks are due to the M.C. Mr Ladbury; to Miss Holdsworth, Mrs Cooper Horn, Miss Horn and Mr J. Horn who kindly gave the prizes.; to Mrs A. Sherriff, for the good supply of milk; to Mr Hale, for moving the piano from the Schools, free of charge; and to all the friends who generously lent cards, tables, chairs etc. The proceed so f £4 8s.6d. were given to Mr J. Horn, as trustee for the Reading Room Improvement Fund. After the whist, an enjoyable social evening was kept up until mid-night.


War Memorial - Three meetings have been held during the last two months to discuss what form the Memorial to be erected in memory of those parishioners who fell in the war should take. At a meeting on March 13th it was finally decided that a Celtic cross in Cornish granite should be erected inside the churchyard, close to the road, so that it could be seen from the cross roads, the names of the fallen to be inscribed on the side facing the road. The position, it is hoped, will meet the views both of those who wished the Memorial to be at the roadside and those who wished it to be in the churchyard. The exact position and final arrangements were left in the hands of the Sub-Committee of five who were elected for that purpose.


Lemsford News May 1919


Miss A. Hulks wishes to heartily thank all the friends at Lemsford and neighbourhood who were so kind to contribute to the beautiful wedding presents given her on the conclusion of her postal duties.


Waif and Strays Society – Th Rev. W.F. Buttle, Organising Secretary for this Diocese, will preach on Sunday, June 15th, in aid of the Society. Will all those who have the 1d a week boxes bring them to the Church on that day, or send them to the Schools. A.M. Holdsworth (Local Secretary)


Lemsford News July 1919


Waifs and Strays Society – The proceeds from the 1d a week boxes, which were collected at the time of Mr Buttle's visit, amounted to £12 8s. 11d., rather more than last year. As there were eight applicants for fresh boxes, it is hoped that an even larger sum will be collected during the year. A very grateful letter of thanks has been received from the Secretary of the Society.


Children's Union Bazaar – The members of the Children's Union hope to hold their Bazaar in the Schools, on the afternoon of July 31st in connection with the Cripple's Branch of the W & S Society. There will be the usual stalls: plain needlework, fancy, and pound stall, and in addition to these an economy, and vegetable and fruit stall. We shall be most grateful for any contributions towards these, or for any articles to help in the bran tub. The children will give two short entertainments during the afternoon. Teas will also be served.


Lemsford News August 1919


Peace Celebrations – The Peace Celebrations were a great success. There was a large gathering for the Sports in the field behind Lemsford House, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr Sherriff. Tea was provided out of doors for all present, and Lady Mount Stephen gave a tea to the school children in the School. At the conclusion of the Sports Mrs Ward distributed the prizes. Fireworks and a bonfire concluded a most enjoyable day. Naturally all this meant a great deal of work, and the members of the Sports Committee and the Tea Committee and their helpers deserve our best thanks for their labours. Everyone was most helpful, Mr Ladbury especially being quite untiring in his exertions which contributed very largely to the success of the day.


The Memorial - to those who gave their lives in the Great War, was unveiled on Sunday afternoon, July 20th, by General the Earl of Cavan, K.P. There was a large gathering for the memorial service in the Church in spite of the bad weather. Lord Cavan, standing on the Chancel step, addressed the congregation in a few striking words. He impressed upon his hearers the great perils from which they had been delivered by men like those glorious dead of whom they were thinking that day. If the trenches at Ypres had not been so magnificently held, large raiding parties might have landed in England. It was more than probable that, if that had happened, Lemsford, standing as it does on the high road to London, would have shared the fate of the numerous villages he had seen in other lands, so completely razed from the face of the earth, that it was necessary to set up boards indicating what place it might have been. At the conclusion of the service Lord Cavan unveiled the memorial to the Glory of God and in memory of the glorious dead of Lemsford.


Miss Holdsworth – has now settled into her new home at Hatfield. We are glad to think that she will not be so very far away from us and we hope to see her often. For fourteen years she has been a good neighbour to us all and ready to help in everything that was being done for the welfare of the place. The presentation made to her at the Red Cross Garden Party at Brickwall is a slight acknowledgement of all that we in Lemsford owe to her and Mrs Holdsworth.


Mr & the Hon Mrs Mark Hovell hope to take up their residence at Lemsford House in August.


Lemsford News September 1919


Our Bazaar – held in the schools on July 31st, in aid of the Cripples of the Waifs and Strays Society, was more successful than ever. It realised £30 4s. 9d. of which after defraying expenses we were able to send a cheque of £20 to the Homes and keep some in hand for buying material for next winter's classes. As the result of the Rev. W.F. Buttle's addresses during the afternoon, we took the names of fifteen new box holders. We take this opportunity of thanking everyone who helped in any way to make the bazaar the success it was.We hope to commence our next season's classes early in the Autumn and shall be pleased to welcome anyone who would like to become a member of the Children's Union, or any adults who would like to assist with the children's work. Classes are held on Monday evenings at 6 p.m. in the schools.


Lemsford News November 1919


The Reading Room was opened for the winter, on Monday, October 20th. At a General Meeting held on the previous Thursday, with Mr J.B. Horn in the Chair, it was decided to open the Room to women and girls on Wednesday evenings.


The Lemsford Football Eleven – are to be congratulated on their fine victory over the St. Albans City Reserves on Saturday, October 11th, by 3 goals to 2.


Whist Drive – the first of a series of Whist Drives which we hope to hold during the winter months, took place on October 17th, in the Reading Room. It was by far the most successful yet held, eighty-eight players being seated with difficulty. The prizes were carried off by Miss Neilson and Mrs Saunders, Mr Simpson and Mr G. Welch, Miss C. Wilmot and Mr Watson. The sum of £5 8s. 0d. was given to Mr J.B. Horn for the Football Club of which he is treasurer. Our sincere thanks are due to all friends who kindly assisted by giving the prizes and milk, and by lending chairs and tables, also to Mr W.Ladbury who acted as M.C.


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