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Parish Magazine - Church 1915

Lemsford News March 1915


Sunday School Treat -The Sunday School Treat  was held in the Schools on Saturday, February 20th, having been delayed first by the War, and then by an outbreak of scarlet fever. After tea a magic lantern entertainment was given by Mrs Ladbury.


Easter – The Easter services will be as usual. There will be three celebrations of the Holy Communion – at 7., 8, and after the 11 o'clock Service. It is hoped that all who are confirmed will endeavour to communicate at one or other of these Services. The Lords Own Service ought to be honoured more than it is in this place. If we are truly converted Christians we should all wish to do His Will with regard to this Service. May God teach us more about the Holy Communion, and lead us to appreciate and value it more.


Lemsford News September 1915


Obituary – We regret to record the death of Mrs Joiner of Gosmore, a very old inhabitant of these parts. She had been an invalid for many years, but the end was very sudden, though we are glad to say it was peaceful. It was a sad accident which caused the death of little Ralph Tomlin, only three years old. He was badly injured and died the next morning. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mr & Mrs Tomlin.


Treat – Mrs Holdsworth as kind enough to give again this year her treat for the children attending the Sunday morning Service in the School. The weather was most favourable, and the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Lemsford News November 1915


Harvest Festival – Our Harvest Festival was held on September 26th. The Services were taken by the Rev. G.H.C. Shorting, Vicar of Stoppesley, Luton. The war deprived us of the assistance of the Brocket Gardeners in the decoration of the East end, but thanks to the labours of a willing band of helpers the Church was made to look very beautiful. The collection during the day amounted to £60 6s. 4d.


Lemsford News December 1915


Christmas Day – On Christmas Day there will be Celebrations of Holy Communion at 7. 8, and after the Morning Service.


The Volunteers – On Sunday, November 28th, the Hatfield Volunteers attended Morning Service at Lemsford.


Lemsford parish in the Great War

97 men and 1 woman went to war

Read about the men and women of Lemsford who left the parish of Lemsford to serve their country The regiments – The battles - Those who did not return .

Memories and Letters

Read the letter to and from our servicemen, the letters to the waiting families from commanding officers informing them of their deaths

Lest we Forget

20 men from our Parish died in the Great War – Read Lemsford local History Groups tribute to those menabout-us.html

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