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Memories from the Relatives

Since we launched this website we have received memories from the relatives of the servicemen and women of Lemsford. Below are reader memories with links to relevant pages All images mentioned in text below are in the slide show (left) Click on image to start slide show

    My name is Phillipe Janik,

    Here are photos of the grave of soldier.( William Waugh) It will be put the spotlight on November 11 at Zudausques!

    Philippe Janik From Zudausques

    Thomas Chapman- October 2014

    First pic is of Freda Chapman with Winifred sitting. Winifred was house bound with rheumatics and arthritis and Bill had to do everthing for her. Second pic is Bill Scoulding and Winifred at 197 Handside Lane, W.G.C. And the third Pic is of Madame Burdett and her son. She lived near Creaseys garage on the great north road and was a singing teacher.

    Thomas Chapman- October 2014

    First pic is Agnes Chapman, Tom, Jim Allen (Agnes’s Husband) and Rose Chapman. Second pic is Millicent Hough (nee Chapman) She was the sub postmistress at Handside post office for many years. Third pic is Jim Allen and Agnes. The fourth pic is Murphy Radio’s annual dinner dance at Grosvenor House in London 1936. Right in the centre of the pic are Winifred Scoulding (nee Chapman) and Bill Scoulding on table 96. Win is leaning back and bill is looking over his right shoulder.

    Regards Brian

    Thomas Chapman- October 2014

    Here is a picture of Bill Scoulding on his 100th birthday at the old peoples home in Ellenbrook Lane. I do not know any of the people in the pic but there could be locals who do. Bill had a neice who lived in Lemsford and was married to Reg Tait (we think). Bills wife Winifred who had severe rheumatic disabilities died in 1982 in W.G.C. and Bill died in 2005 in the old peoples home. The second pic is of Dot (Ethel Waugh) aged 23 yrs.

    Regards Brian

    The first photo is of Winifred and Millie aged about 20 we believe when they lived in Longcroft Lane W.G.C. The second picture is of Winifred’s marriage to Bill Scoulding. The third picture is of three sisters outside their home which is 35, Great North Road, Stanborough. They are 3 of the daughters of Agnes Chapman who married an Irishman name of Jim Allen in Willesden in 1921 but came to live locally after marriage and all their children’s births were registered in Hatfield. Agnes had five children that we know of, four girls and one boy. Their names were Bridget, Dennis,Patricia, Kathleen and Marcella. They all moved to Slough later where Jim Allen, Agnes husband had got employment.

    Regards Brian

    Thomas Chapman- October 2014

    The first picture is Freda Chapmans marriage to Tom Wells in 1934, not sure where. Millie is bridesmaid on the right (looking at the picture) and Rose her mum is behind Freda, looking at her and wearing glasses. The second picture is Millie Chapman’s marriage to Eric Hough with Rose Chapman on the left, Mabel who is Eric’s mother and Walter Hough who is Eric’s father. The third pic is of Thomas and Rose in Newfields and the fourth pic is taken in Slough about 1950 of Dot (Ethel Waugh), Winifred, Agnes with glasses and Bridget her daughter behind Win, Bill Scoulding is on the end at the back.

    Regards Brian

    A little bit more info is that on the Chapman side, the first born son was always called Thomas. This goes back to when they lived at least in Shingay. You can imagine that with all children that these families had, and they all had their first born boy Thomas in them! (They did not all keep to this ruling!). Tom had a child that died to which we can find no ref to and the story is that he was called Thomas. As the 1911 census shows they had 9 children but only 8 living.

    Just looking at the William Waugh write up’s of which there are two and noticed that It has Alf Chapman as a great friend and they served in the same regiment but unfortunately Alf was born in 1904 so most unlikely ! As written by Ruth in our account it was Henry who was Rose Bond’s brother. For information on Henry he left the army because he was unfit and emigrated to Australia where he promptly joined the Australian army but had to leave when they found out he was unfit!! He eventually became a Tasmanian lighthouse keeper.

    Also William was Margaret Lockwoods uncle not cousin as quoted in the account. Was this account written by Dot, Williams daughter? Could you please remove reference to me and my email address from the account that Ruth wrote for us. William also had another neice in the acting profession who was Evelyn Laye. (King George IV was a keen beau and nearly everything has been suppressed) But we are unable to prove this at this time. India seems to be the source if we can break into it?

    The marriage cert for Henry is to a Charlotte who was the widow of another Alf Bond but have been unable to prove any thing here if related to the family. Her maiden name was Wilson for your info.

    William Waugh- October 2014

    We know Roseina married William Waugh who was a bandsman in the Irish Rifles and was killed in France during ww1. He was a great friend of Henry Bond who was Rose Bond’s brother. We think Tom’s family photo (Above in slide show) was taken in 1903/4 as the lad on Roses lap and the girl on Tom’s lap were born Hatfield area, Lilian in 1902 and Alf in 1904. Winifred,Millie and Freda were not here yet!

    Roseina had a daughter with William Waugh named Ethel and she was of similar age to her aunts Millie, Winifred and Freda and also went to Lemsford school. One photo (Above in slide show) is of Freda standing, Millie sitting and Ethel who was always known as Dot on the floor but not sure where it was taken. Ruth and Dot were cousins but great friends.

    The next photo (Above in slide show)is Rose and Tom seated with Roseina, Harry, Millie, Alf, Winnie and Freda which we presume was taken in Tom’s back garden when they lived in Newfields, W.G.C. Do not have a specific date for it and we do not know the occasion either! Hope this is of interest to you.

    The third photo (Above in slide show) is of William Waugh and Henry Bond, where we do not know. ( William is standing ).

    Regards Ruth and Brian

    Here is a piece Ruth wrote for our family history, the photo (Above in slide show) is of Dot and her fathers sister Margaret, who is the mother of Margaret Lockwood the film star.

    Regards Ruth & Brian

    if you have any information you wish to share with Ruth & Brian please send brian.wordsworth@hotmail.com and copy to chapman.lc@btinternet.com

    Jack Lawrence- October 2014

    I am sure he was a Lemsford lad. I have lived in the house in Stanborough where he passed his later years for the last 46 years but I dont remember much about him other than he was crippled with arthritis and I found it quite scary visiting him when I was a child. if you have any information you wish to share with Paul please send them to theward@talktalk.net copy to chapman.lc@btinternet.com

    Thomas Chapman- October 2014

    ‘Enclosed one photo of Lemsford school Stoolball team 1920/21. Millicent Chapman who became a Hough is 3rd from the left in front row. They lived in Cromer Hyde at this time.’

    We Sent Ruth & Brain an image of a school play in 1919 which had Millie in the cast there reply:

    ‘Thanks for the info about the school play, it was interesting to see that Millie and one of her siblings Winifred ( Freda and Alfred (maybe) were also at the school at this time ) were in the play and that their father ( Ruth’s grandfather ) was in the Vetinary Corps. He only went to war because they took his horse to war! We do not think either Millie or Winifred are in the picture as there are 35 in the cast and only 33 people in the picture and mother Rose would not have let them hang about wasting time to have a picture taken!! Things to do at home etc.’

    With this email came information about Thomas & an image.

    Thomas Chapman was born in Guilden Morden and married Rose Bond in Islington in 1893. In 1901 they lived in Rushden near Buntingford with their three children where Tom looked after the horses on a farm and then they moved to Cromer in 1902 where daughter Lillian was born next. Attached is Tom Chapman with his wife Rose, with Alf on her lap,son Harry, daughter at the back is Roseina, Agnes in front of her and Lilian sitting on Tom’s lap. (Who married Reg Hawthorne also from Cromer) taken at Cromer. (Larger Image in slide show above) if you have any information you wish to share send to chapman.lc@btinternet.com

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